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HotDocs: a “Gold Standard” among Document Automation Solutions


With more than 1,800 attendees, the ABA TECHSHOW 2012 at the Chicago Hilton was a great success.One of the event highlights came during a training session on document automation software, at which more than 170 attorneys were present and HotDocs was highlighted as the “Gold Standard” among standalone document automation programs.

The presentation during this training session was given by Diane Ebersole, current Chair of the Practice Management Advisors of North America and Practice Management Advisor for the Michigan State Bar, and Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistant Program, legal technology blogger, and former co-chair of the ABA TECHSHOW. Ebersole & Calloway estimated that the average attorney spends 30%-40% of his or her time drafting, proofing, and reviewing documents.In light of this, they emphasized the need for every firm to have some form of document assembly software, as it is essential for ensuring the high quality production of documents in a quick and efficient manner.During the presentation, Ms. Ebersole gave an excellent overview of HotDocs along with Document Services (HotDocs’ SAAS solution) to emphasize the value that HotDocs templates and online client interviews can provide to firms.

In addition, Ebersole stated that the power of HotDocs templates is limited only by the skills of the person developing the templates – and not by the restrictions of the software itself. She went on to share an example of a small law firm with very limited financial resources. Once they fully implemented HotDocs, their savings in both time and money was immediately clear. In fact, they were able to avoid hiring a new assistant for $40,000 per year because they utilized HotDocs to dramatically reduce the attorneys’ time spent drafting, reviewing, and generating documents for clients. Everyone in this training session walked away with the realization that document automation software is critical for law firms of all sizes, and that HotDocs is a powerful solution that will meet the needs of any firm.

In addition to this great presentation, the HotDocs employees had numerous positive interactions with both new and existing customers, as well as publishers, bar association members, and many others during the ABA TECHSHOW. We also had great discussions with several new technology partners that will help us further benefit law firms of all sizes in the near future.

If you missed out on visiting us at the ABA TECHSHOW, be sure to stop by booth #309 & 311 at LegalTech West Coast on May 22 & 23 in Los Angeles, California.

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