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HotDocs Cloud Services: The State of the Document Generation Industry


HotDocs Cloud Servicesis a hosted document generation platform that dramatically ups the ante among industry players. The concept behindCloud Servicesis simple: organizations can rapidly integrate HotDocs process applications into pretty much any web environment they want while avoiding the upfront expense of on-premise software.

For example, an insurance company, bank, or law firm might want to make a HotDocs interview available within the context of a BPM workflow or adaptive case management environment. Using one of the available Cloud Services APIs, the organization could quickly insert an interview into a frame on any standards compliant page. It’s the most powerful, document-generation technology in the industry—on demand in virtually any environment with flexible, subscription pricing.

Running in Microsoft’s Azure cloud,HotDocs Cloud Servicesoffers 24/7 reliability. And because an organization’s sensitive data is never actually stored onCloud Services, even the most security-sensitive organizations can rest easy.

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