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HotDocs Gives a CLE Lecture on Document Control


Last week I traveled to Cleveland with Leonard Ducharme—the HotDocs thought-leader regardingdocument controlin business processes—to give a lecture at theCuyahoga Community College. I had never been to Cleveland before. Growing up my dad used to tell a joke about two contestants in a game show; the grand prize winner won a trip to Cleveland, and second prize wontwotrips to Cleveland! Now that I am back, all I can say is that Cleveland Rocks.

Lecture: Using Document Generation forRisk Management

The main points of the lecture covered howdocument generationsaves time and money, while producing better documents. An old adage says, “We offer three services: better, faster, cheaper, but you can only choose two.” However, HotDocsdocument generation softwarewill give you all three. Of the three benefits the most important one for many businesses is producing higher quality documents. This is because higher quality documents and greater document control will reduce the risk of legal exposure.

The CLE course (Continuing Legal Education) was very successful. HotDocs gave a few licenses away to the attendees and hopes to do more events like this in the future. Jennifer Ramovs fromAffinity Consultingalso presented. Her excellent presentation helped everyone understand how law firms of any size can benefit from business process software products. It appears as if HotDocs is one of Jennifer’s favoritedocument generation tools—during her presentation she referred to HotDocs for document generation several times.

After the CLE lecture, we spent some time in the warehouse district of Cleveland. I wish I was a food critic because the Blue Point Grill was an excellent place to eat. Thank you Jennifer for recommending a great restaurant, and thank you Cleveland for rocking!

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