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HotDocs Hints: Reducing RTF template size


Larger templates can slow down the assembly process and are more vulnerable to corruption and other problems, so it makes sense to keep your templates as lean as possible.

If you’re using RTF templates with graphics and you find that the template size is quite large, it’s possible that a redundant copy of the graphic is being stored in the RTF code. You can use the HotDocs Hidden Data Remover to optimize your template file size and speed up assembly.

To do this, highlight your template in the library, go to Tools > Hidden Data Remover, and click on “Analyze.”

If HotDocs reports anything other than “0 bytes” after the “Redundant metafile graphics” option, you can check that option and then click “Remove Data” to eliminate the redundant graphic data.

To keep Word from inserting redundant graphics in the future, go into Component Manager, click on the “Component File Properties” button, select the “Hidden Data (Word)” tab and ensure that “Redundant metafile graphics” is checked.

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