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HotDocs Hints: Saving an Unfinished Computation to Come Back to Later


Our "HotDocs Hints" blog posts will help make your user experience a little bit easier by giving you tips and clueing you in to shortcuts andother time-saving features we've built right in to the program.

It's 5:00pm on a Friday evening, and you're ready to go home and get started on a stress-free weekend. However, you've been working on a complex computation in HotDocs that you just can't seem to get right. You don't want tothrow awaythe time you've spent and start all over again next week, but if you process the script and exit the program, you'll get an error message . . . So what can you do?

Here's a HotDocs hint that allows you to save the computation and come back to it later:

Place a QUIT instruction at the top of your script and click OK. This instruction tells HotDocs to not process the script (and thereby trigger the error message), so you can save the computation and come back to it later. Just remember to remove the QUIT instruction from the script when you come back to work on Monday morning, and you can pick up right where you left off.

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