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Decisions, decisions, decisions…
How do we go about deciding what software to use, what to change in our offices or when to implement something new in our firms? Nothing is worse than being short on time and trying to make decisions too quickly. I am committed to researching things and even trying them myself before buying. I love it when I get a referral of find reviews on the product I am interested in. This helps when I know someone similar to me as been successful at doing what I am about to do.
My wife is really big on reading reviews. Over the years reviews have assisted us in making decisions. If it is a new restaurant, a movie or a big purchase like a car, she scours through all the reviews. We fire up the internet and research, research, research. It’s great when we can speak to someone too. We find it interesting that often the reviews are less helpful than we would like. For instance, our opinions may differ from the reviewers. Studying the reviewer can be helpful but is not always possible. We have found this to be true with the local movie reviewer in our newspaper. Every time she says it is horrible or predictable we know it will be pleasant and enjoyable. If she loves it…then buyer beware, it will be trendy and offensive or even weird. This has made picking a movie rather easy, but every now and again we find we agree. Go figure, even reviews are not enough to guarantee a good decision.
As my wife and I celebrate our 25th anniversary we read about a new restaurant in the USA Today on our trip to New England in Burlington Vermont. So right away she heads for the computer, clicking and reading. After a few patient minutes I get a lively opinion. The restaurant, The Farm House, got just a few reviews. However, most of them were bad. After getting mixed reviews we decided to try it for ourselves anyway since the USA Today recommended it. To our delight we ate some phenomenal food. Most of the problems people had experienced we did not and the food met our taste standards….yes, we would eat there again!
I think when looking at new software, for your firm, one of the best things you can do is try it yourself. The reviews should be a guide post and assist us but not be the only determining factor. At Office Tools Professional we have wholly embraced this concept. We offer incredible customer reviews on our website and you can actually speak with them personally. In addition, we encourage you to spend as much time as you need with one our software consultants in a personal web demonstration. Yes, personal, not in a webinar where you listen to a speaker, but never get to ask the critical questions for your office. You not only get to ask questions but see the software perform live in our demonstrations! Finally, we offer a 30 day trial “Before you buy”. While we don’t do everything every firm needs, we are the most complete simple practice management software on the market. If you have key things you must do in your office, ask a consultant to demonstrate it or download it and make sure it is a great fit for your firm before buying.
While some firms give you a money back guarantee we go a step further….Try it before you buy it!
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