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How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity in 2019 with Document Automation


The new year is here, as is the exciting opportunity to modernize your firm. If increasing productivity and efficiency are cornerstones of your 2019 plan, it’s time to implement document automation. The days of manually creating documents are gone and the digital age is upon us, ushering in new technology. Document automation allows you to generate documents using rules-based logical templates in the blink of an eye, all the while reducing human errors caused by manual calculations and reducing the hours you’d spend correcting those mistakes.

Document automation, when implemented with HotDocs technology, works well for both simple and complex documents from standard contracts to lengthy multi-page agreements. When you start using document automation, you’ll notice your firm begin to operate at a new level of efficiency.

The ability to produce documents accurately and efficiently offers dramatic savings in your time, a benefit you’ll notice immediately. Once a template is approved and tested once – the review process of assembled documents can be cut out of your workflow.

In addition to making your processes more effective, document automation increases your productivity. When you start using document automation, you’ll be forced to reexamine your processes and have the chance to let go of the steps that haven’t been serving a purpose. You’ll set up templates that make sense for your firm and have the ability to preset workloads, which will help you complete administrative work in less time.

With your newfound time savings, you could invest in more of your 2019 initiatives. If you’d like to focus on ROI, you could bring in new clients to yield more income. If you’d like to build credibility, you could start using email to offer client support and send sales information. If you’re in accounting, you could integrate compliance technology into your processes and create and maintain a cashflow forecast. You could also take the plunge on marketing projects that have been on the backburner, like building a mobile-friendly website, updating your keywords, attending local education seminars, and verifying your firm through Google My Business.

Document automation opens the door to streamlining your business systems and achieving other 2019 goals for your firm by reducing the drain on resources, decreasing human errors, and taking over basic functions. The technology allows you to access, publish and use templates faster than ever before, increasing output and productivity. Curious about where to start? Analyze your processes for scanning documents, taking notes, creating invoices, and sharing data. Spending less time on document creation will help you leverage from other 2019 initiatives.

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