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Ignorance to Process Automation is not Bliss


I broke my finger a couple weeks ago. It is the first broken bone of my life. In typical fashion of any phenomenal athlete, such as myself (I stand 5’8” and weigh a buck fifty soaking wet), I was doing a Karl Malone-style hammer dunk with an alley-oop, reverse, windmill, double-Mctwist, Flying Tomato . . . Well, I was at least playing basketball when it happened. Assuming my finger was just jammed, I ignored it for about a week. When I finally went to the doctor, the x-ray showed a small shadow in my right ring finger called enchondroma. Basically my finger was hollow, which is why it broke, despite my athletic prowess. Unbeknownst to me, my finger was a break waiting to happen, and, on top of that, after it broke I assumed it was okay when it really wasn’t.

Broken Processes Should be Automated

Many companies of all shapes and sizes go about their “business as usual” never realizing theirbusiness processesare disasters waiting to happen. Even worse, after a process is demonstrably broken, they continue to work through it. If your CRM database crashes and you lose all your client data, it can be catastrophic, but you can avoid such a disaster by creating an automatic process that saves a backup. If your workflows keep hitting dead ends, you can look into good BPM suites to better manage your processes. If your document generation engine consists of search and replace techniques, excessive proofreading, Word Macros, orVBA, you can get HotDocs to get the job done faster, cheaper, and better.

Automatically Generate Documents with HotDocs

HotDocsdocument generation softwarewill eliminate the need to rely on antiquated search and replace techniques. Proofreading can be reduced by 90% or more. Word Macros and VBA are great if you are a software engineer and love to code for documents, but HotDocs will turn your document into abusiness process toolthat will blow VBA out of the water. Don’t ignore broken documents—fix them with the HotDoc(tor).

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