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iPhone and Android Hacks for Lawyers


You use your smart phone all the time but you may still be in the dark on some simple tricks that will make you love your phone even more. Android and iPhones have numerous features that aren’t always apparent right away. Here tricks you can use for each to make your day a little easier:
  • Format your email content. Ever wondered how to bold, italicize or underline text in your email? Just highlight the text you want formatted, tap the arrow to see more options and hit the BIU button. Once you’ve tapped that you can select the format you need.
  • Generate random passwords. To protect data on your device you need strong passwords. Your passwords should be unique and complex, but these can be hard to think up on your own. Open Siri, say “random password 16 characters” and she’ll provide one.
  • Filter who can reach you and when with groups. Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature to silence calls from certain contact groups. While at work, you can silence calls, emails and text messages from your friends or when you’re relaxing outside of work, you can do the same for your professional contacts.
  • Use the scientific calculator. If you open your calculator then turn your phone sideways, it will convert to a scientific calculator, which is helpful when you need to do more complex formulas.
  • Use the Swype keyboard. You don’t have to be like the people you see furiously finger-typing on their iPhone. With Android phones you can use Swype or SwiftKey keyboards that allow you to keep your finger on the screen for the whole word. You just have to move your finger from one letter to the next and pick it up when you want to start the next word.
  • Download Google Now. This program acts as a virtual assistant and can provide you with information based on your location, which is perfect for the on-the-go attorney. It can update you on commute times, flight delays and remind you of our upcoming meetings.
  • Download Android Lost. This feature gives you the “find you phone’ feature that iPhones have. With Android Lost you can remote access your phone and do things like set a lock screen, send a message to the phone or even wipe it.
While these may seem simple, by using these tricks you can take better advantage of your smart phone’s features and improve your efficiency.
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