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Legal Documents Software


HotDocs is the leading legal documents software. HotDocs allows anyone to turn Word, Word Perfect, or PDF documents into reusable templates, without requiring any programming knowledge. HotDocs allows you to build business rules and logic right into the template. Once the document is turned into a template, the HotDocs software can produce legal documents quickly and accurately, and customize them to fit the circumstances of each individual client.

HotDocs allows anybody to easily designate variable parts of a document with itsHotDocs Developertool. In addition, a template can be designed to include or exclude specific areas of text based on how an interview is answered. HotDocs interviews are dynamic question-and-answer intake forms that capture the information for the variables in the template.

While some publishers and state bars sell pre-built HotDocs templates for immediate use, perhaps the greatest advantage of using HotDocs software for the production of legal documents is the fact thatanyone can automate their own documents.

To learn more about deploying HotDocs in your organization, read more aboutHotDocs Developeror read ouruser storiesto see how other organizations have benefitted from automating their legal documents with HotDocs.

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