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Over the years we have had many great customers who have chosen to use ourPractice Management Software, and every day we are thankful that we can continue to make great software. Many of our customers have found that they have dramatically improved their firm by using our software, and every time I hear that it brings a smile to my face. It was my goal when I first ventured to create this company to help small firms radically transform the way they work while equipping them with the same features large companies experienced. Eleven years later and we’re still reinventing how small firms can do their work more efficiently.

During phone calls or meetings I’m often asked about our refund policy, we do not offer any refund. In today’s world that may seem abnormal but we offer a30-day free trialperiod to use the fully functional software, no limitations are ever imposed on any aspect of the software. We also provide comprehensive demonstrations of the software in a one-on-one environment. We want all users to know exactly what they are buying before they buy. That said, we are always reviewing these policies and looking for ways to best serve our customers.

We currently have over eight thousand users who have a great experience with our software. We have received many “unpaid” Office Tools Pro reviews by Accounting Today (owned by Thompson, one of our competitors) and this year we received the “Readers Choice Award” fromCPA Practice Advisor for “Best Workflow” software. This “unpaid” award represents the readers of CPA Practice Advisor choosing us as their Workflow choice overALLother software by a two to one margin. We are confident that our product solvesrealproblems for small firms.

I always invite discussion from any customer or prospect about questions they might have about our software or policies. You canhear what our customers have to sayvia our video section or if you would like, we have many referrals who would love to discuss their own personal experience with our software and our company. It is our goal to enable our customers to make the best informed decisions before they decide to buy our Practice Management 2011.

Our software offers thousands of features but occasionally there might be a very specific feature or report that you are looking for that we don’t offer. This is where I always suggest you do your research and decide for yourself if our products and services are right for you. We never want you to be unhappy about your choice to use our software and we understand that we simply cannot provide a solution for every firm. That is why I always recommend that if you need to confirm if a feature works a specific way that you work, download ourthirty-day free trialto confirm that it works the way you hope. As always, if you need help or have questions our staff is prepared to answer them and help you make the most informed decision possible.

Our software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and 7 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It is important that you always check ourtechnical specificationsand how that relates to your current networks setup. Many people think that any computer can be used as their server and workstations, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While our software will run one almost any system it doesn’t mean it will run optimally. If you want our software to operate properly it is important to ensure that the correct hardware and software is installed before running our software.

If there are problems with the software we suggest speaking with our technical support team, which is included at no charge. They are available to help you get the software running successfully. Occasionally, our team experiences very busy times, but our commitment togreat customer supportsometimes means that you might wait until we can have the right person to address the problem. We do not subscribe to the corporate idea of having herds of low level tech support associates address our customers, our goal is to have the right person address the problem and provide a solution as quick as possible, at no additional charge. This year we have moved into a new building, added new phone lines, more tech support and training staff to better serve our customers.

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