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Practice Makes Perfect


Autumn is definitely upon us here at HotDocs HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland, and what little summer we had this year seems like nothing more than a distant memory. Thinking of an Edinburgh summer, however, always reminds me of the Edinburgh Festival.

For the last 69 years, for three weeks in the Scottish summer (rain) every year, the world famous Edinburgh Festival, which is made up of a collection of festivals including the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, has taken over our small city with tens of thousands of performances (50,266 in the Fringe alone in 2016) from an impressive range of individuals and groups of entertainers across several genres like drama, music and dance. This year, as I battled my way through the swollen population of Edinburgh (it can double in size during these 3 weeks), I couldn’t help but compare the similarities, and differences, between the Edinburgh Festival and HotDocs.

The Edinburgh Festival was launched in 1947 and since then the size of the event has grown from a few small theatre companies collaborating, into the largest annual cultural festival in the world. HotDocs may not be as old as the Edinburgh Festival, but our company has also grown substantially over the past 30 years from being pioneered by students at Brigham Young University in Utah, United States, into the global leader in document automation technology used by over one million people worldwide.

Being efficient in any workplace is essential and events like the Edinburgh Festival couldn’t physically operate without being so. After years of practice and experience, the festival runs like clockwork. The event organisation is excellent and while the performances may not always go to plan (I have seen some terrible comedians crash and burn!), I am always confident that the show will run to time and there will be an efficient means of getting everyone in and out of the venue. Overall, being organised is the key to running a successful event. If the planning is not perfect, then the efficient manner on how the festival runs falls to pieces.

The same can be said for using HotDocs software. Properly planning your variables and libraries allows for a “smooth performance” when creating HotDocs templates and also, as with any new piece of software, practice makes perfect.

In addition, “efficient” is a word that we use a lot at HotDocs, as our technology creates operational efficiencies for our customers. We hear time and time again of how implementing HotDocs has saved substantial amounts of time and effort when creating business critical documentation, resulting in time and money saved. Like the Edinburgh Festival, years of experience in perfecting our product means that our customers benefit from similar standards of organisation and time savings.

While the Edinburgh Festival is massively successful, many struggle with the tricky job of choosing what to see from the overwhelming amount of shows there is. This is where HotDocs differs from the festival. For those who have already adopted HotDocs into their businesses and to those who are planning on it, choosing HotDocs should not be a difficult decision.

Our technology is proven to solve the pain of repetitive, time consuming documentation that many organisations drown in on a daily basis. There is no need to choose what to go for blindly as I have done many times using the Edinburgh Festival brochure. The HotDocs experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have or you can download a copy of HotDocs Developer for 30 days to have a go at creating templates for yourself. Just remember, practice makes perfect!

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