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Seven Deadly Sins of Document Production


We recently launched an ebook describing the tactics organisations utilise to produce their documents without the use of document automation. “The Seven Deadly Sins of Document Production” identifies the methods used by document authors and demonstrates why these practices are suitable for small documents but become difficult to manage as documents increase in size.

The ebook demonstrates seven of the most common ways organisations produce their documents. These are:

  1. Attempting to manage multiple brands using Word
  2. Using Find and Replace to edit multiple recurring elements
  3. Not controlling number values
  4. Using email or a shared drive for version management
  5. Ad-hoc editing
  6. Copying, pasting and reusing old documents
  7. Relying on Macros for lengthy and complex documents

The practices mentioned are gleanedfrom 20 years of market experience and insight from our customers, who have told us how they produce documentation prior to using HotDocs. Ifthere areany tactics you use that are not mentioned then leave a comment below to tell us about it and learn how HotDocs can assist you with your document production.

For further information on how HotDocs can transform the way you produce documents please get in touch toschedule a 30 minute demo.

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