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Software for Producing Documents


HotDocs is a software platform that automates the process of producing transactional legal documents and forms. By automating the process of producing documents, you can significantly improve the quality of your documents, while decreasing the time and money it takes to produce them.

The HotDocs integrated technology stack includes a modeling tool (HotDocs Developer) that allows you to transform your own documents (contracts, wills, trusts, insurance forms, etc.) into process applications.HotDocs Developerworks inside your word processor (for text based documents) and provides a PDF modeling environment for graphical forms (fields, checkboxes, etc.).

In use, a HotDocs process application presents a sequence of interactive data-gathering forms (an interview), which is designed to walk the system user through the process of entering document specific information, such as names, dates, etc. A HotDocs interview can interact with existing enterprise databases to prevent rekeying existing data, and individual fields can be validated with business logic to prevent the entering of answers that fall outside of existing guidelines and protocols.

The HotDocs stack includes platforms for deploying process apps in any environment (desktop/on-premise/cloud) and run-time applications for each type of deployment. HotDocs process apps can be deployed as standalone programs or can be integrated into virtually any type of web-applications, such as case management systems, CRMs, or business process workflows (BPM).

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