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Standing the Test of Time


Reflecting on the content (and success) of our global HotDocs User Group (HUG), which took place last week in London, a number of presentations gave me food for thought.

We aim to offer our attendees, consisting of customers, partners, clients-to-be and industry experts, a mix of content that lets them know what is happening with HotDocs the company and product and, perhaps more importantly, what is happening in the wider world of document automation and technology in general. To facilitate this, we call upon experts in technology and long-time HotDocs users to showcase their experiences and discuss the latest innovations.

One of these presentations was from Marc Lauritsen ofCapstone Practice Systems– a long-time HotDocs partner and an expert on document automation technology for the legal sector. Marc provided an address on “HotDocs Through the Ages (by one enthusiast) and, as part of this, devoted a section to all of the other document automation solutions that have come and gone since he first started working in this field more than twenty years ago.

It was staggering.

In my marketing role at HotDocs over the past four years I am, of course, very aware of the competitive marketplace and I’ve seen numerous solutions cease to exist in that time. Marc, however, informed us that at least 100 different solutions and companies had come to market and then disappeared without trace during his tenure as a document automation expert.

Marc’s list of defunct solutions includes a couple of well-known brands such as GhostFill, but the majority are the start-ups and larger business diversifications that have entered the market and abruptly departed again. Why? Because they will always be playing catch-up to industry stalwarts like HotDocs, in terms of technological capability, stability, robustness and market share.

No other document automation software provider today has the longevity of HotDocs. While there are a handful of vendors that have been around for over 10 years, HotDocs was a trailblazer, an innovator and was first to bring the concept of automating document creation to market. A concept thought up by the creators of HotDocs almost thirty years ago.

What does this mean for HotDocs? With such a long history, customer feedback has helped to shape the product we deliver to clients today. Our technology is continually enhanced to provide the new features and functionality that our customers are looking for, whether that’s easy integration with other line of business systems, collaboration amongst template authors, automatic error correction or myriad other changes and improvements to provide our users with the best possible experience and results.

HotDocs is dependable, stable, scalable, secure and futureproof. We expand our customer base, evolve our technology and grow our team year on year, ensuring that our customers are extremely well supported both now and in the future.

For many organisations, HotDocs is a strategic solution. With the comfort that our company and technology is in robust shape and will always be around, global banks, international law firms, large insurance providers and organisations across many different sectors are able to scale HotDocs across their businesses to provide the best available document automation division by division. We have seen our uptake grow exponentially in a number of giant corporations over years and even decades.

There are more than one million people worldwide using HotDocs. In fact, many people have made a career from HotDocs, setting up as consultants that use their skills with HotDocs to help organisations to get started on the HotDocs journey. All of these users form a community that share ideas and best practice and provide support to their peers.

HotDocs has been recognised by global analystGartner, both as a best of breed solution and a Cool Vendor in the Enterprise Content Management space.

For all of these reasons and more, HotDocs is the market leader in document automation, with over 11,000 different organisations across the world using our product. A quick look at the websites of various other document automation software vendors reveals stated customer numbers of less than 200 in most cases.

HotDocs is the platinum standard in document automation. No other solution has the length of service, user base, stability, community or technological history of HotDocs. New vendors may display bells and whistles, or in some cases smoke and mirrors, however, you won’t find a more powerful, flexible, scalable and dependable document automation solution than HotDocs.

To find out more about how HotDocs document automation software can benefit your organisation,schedule a 30 minute demo.

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