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Taking the Time for New Year Resolutions


As we leave 2016 behind and move into a brand new year, I, like a lot of others, have mentally written a list of new year’s resolutions and things I hope to achieve by this time next year.

Commonly featured on new year’s resolution lists are things like:

  • Go on a diet
  • Spend more time with the family
  • Join a gym
  • Hit the next milestone at work

All of the above require time and/or commitment, neither of which are easy to come by in our already busy lives. Achieving your goals for this year will be impossible if, instead of pumping iron at the gym or taking your kids to the movies, you spend unnecessary amounts of time creating business critical documents or fixing mistakes.

So, how can you change this and make the most of your time in the year ahead?

To begin, I can suggest that first on your new year’s resolution list should be “Implement HotDocs at work”.

By using HotDocs in your organisation you will provide you and your team with a way to save hundreds, or even thousands, or work hours per year, allowing you to have more time to spend on your other endeavours in 2017.

When used to produce repetitive documentation such as contracts, letters or forms, HotDocs software can reduce the time it takes to create them by up to 94%.

As well as the substantial time savings you will make, HotDocs technology also provides a way to ensure your documents are compliant and up to date, meaning they will be as healthy as you with your new gym membership!

Moreover, reducing the amount of risk associated with documentation at work is essential as governing bodies become stricter and the cost to fix mistakes rises. One of our customers reported that after implementing HotDocs, their documents were accurate 100% of the time. These kind of figures are incredible for those who have previously used a sub-standard document production process and shows just how effective HotDocs is at creating correct documents efficiently, at scale.

New year’s resolutions are often made and not kept by many of us. However, this year, even if the gym membership gets cancelled after 6 months and the diet is swiftly abandoned, make sure that implementing HotDocs isn’t the resolution that gets brushed aside and forgotten about until 2018.

To find out more about how we can help you reach your goals in 2017,get in touchorschedule an online demowith the HotDocs team today.

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