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Time – Our Most Treasured Resource


“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

-Steve Jobs

A million witty clichés about time have been coined and scripted on every physical and virtual wall in existence. Songs are composed about it, and it adorns our wrists in the form of watches. The ushering in of time interrupts my slumber as my alarm clock rings out that it’s time to begin another day. The seasons are commanded by time; where one hemisphere’s winter is another’s summer. Time is the interwoven common thread that connects us all.

We all rush to get to work, school, obligations and appointments on time. We label our parcels and packages with tracking numbers in the pursuit of promising their on-time arrival. As we routinely inspect the time (clock, phone, airport flight displays), with the time revealed commonly dictating our moods- “My flight is delayed again??” or, “it’s a three-day weekend!” We buy physical and digital planners to manage and prioritize our time. We take photographs and videos to capture treasured moments in time. Yet, regardless of how proficiently our methods seem to work, time just keeps moving. It certainly is our most valuable, precious resource.

As a full-time working mom and an MBA student, I have learned to become quite adept in the practice of managing time. I asked my 13-year old what came to her mind when I said, “time,” and being the clever one she is said, “past, present, and future.” That pretty much sums it up.

So how do you make the most of it? How can you manage your time so efficiently that even someone with minimal experience and expertise can learn time proficiency and competence? HotDocs is your workplace answer. Instead of filling in form after form with the same repetitive answers, how about utilizing intelligent technology that does it for you.

HotDocs is here to help you achieve the goal of efficient time management by automating your frequently used documents. With HotDocs, not only can you save thousands of hours of labor time, but you can do so with complete confidence that your documents are accurate. Anything from a simple, standardized contract to a complex, lengthy set of personalized documents is what HotDocs was built for.

HotDocs works by transforming any document into a dynamic, interactive template. In simpler terms, it asks a series of questions, collects relevant data and based on that input, the appropriate answers are automatically inserted exactly where they belong.

With HotDocs, the document creation process is simple. Long gone are the days of hunting for the latest version of a document, or the tedious practice of searching for and replacing clauses and phrases in your documents.

Global banks, insurance providers, law offices, government agencies and many other industries use HotDocs technology daily to efficiently generate business-critical documentation. Loan packages, human resource documentation, leases, and claims litigation documents are just a handful of the types of documents that HotDocs can automate. With HotDocs, companies can efficiently generate sophisticated documentation while simultaneously reduce errors, eliminate risk, and save thousands of work hours annually. After all, isn’t that one reason high technology solutions were created in the first place?

Getting started with HotDocs is easier than you may think. To find out more about how HotDocs can assist your organization with efficient time and document management,schedule a 30 minute demo.

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