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Today’s Lawyer: Connected and Protected Through the Cloud


Today’s Lawyer: Connected and Protected Through the Cloud

For today’s attorney, staying connected to your clients and coworkers is absolutely critical to the success of your firm. And this is even truer for those of you who work out of virtual offices, as you often rely on off-site accountants to ensure your billing and bookkeeping cycles are taken care of while you practice law.

Yet, adequate protection has at times been one of the main sticking points that has led many attorneys to turn away from evolving into the next technological sphere. A question that often comes up is, what good is enhanced communication if it’s defenseless against certain types of attacks? It’s a good question to ask, but one that Abacus Data Systems has addressed, and here’s how.

Superior Connection

In law, any improvements that can be made with regards to connectivity will have enormous implications for firms both large and small. But beyond phone calls and email correspondence when you’re out of the office, cloud technology enables attorneys to do much, much more. This includes everything from sharing large files, backing up documents, syncing up data across multiple devices and undeleting information that might otherwise be lost forever.

More than this, however, is your ability to perform multiple tasks, on the fly, at different touchpoints in your organization, whether they’re administrative or case-pertinent. In essence, the collaborative power behind automation software for your law practice supports the growth of your firm and strengthens its organizational efficiency.

Superior communication with clients, too, should be part of the overall package. In addition to having a case management software that links up with your firm’s documentation on the cloud, you also need a way to keep your emails, contacts and calendar organized in order to avoid interruptions to your workflow or the accidental stacking of appointments.

But the question still remains: what about protection?

Better Protection

Unbeknownst to most of those who are currently serving in the law profession, data theft is on the rise in the United States. And to make it even more complicated, attempts at stealing information from your law firm’s data storage comes from a variety of sources, both internal and external, which makes it increasingly more difficult to protect against.

Though IT professionals can bolster your in-house security in order to maintain the integrity of your documents and other types of private information, statistics have shown that attacks on onsite storage environments are more than two times as likely to occur than on a private cloud. The bad news doesn’t end there, however, as more extensive attacks occur on these on-premises environments than cloud service providers as well, resulting in larger losses of data and increased exposure to future attacks.

The real question, then, comes down to how to sidestep this type of vulnerability.

When you have a team of IT specialists readily available, you have people who are occupationally invested in the security and integrity of your information. Nonetheless, any gaps that exist in their education, skills or experience ultimately means gaps in your in-house security as well. If software isn’t up-to-date or has any inherent weaknesses, it won’t take long for a determined hacker or the latest malware to find an informational passageway.

Cloud service providers, on the other hand, and particularly those who serve niche areas such as the legal profession, are invested in offering a product that caters to your specific needs while providing robust security measures to stop incoming threats in their tracks. Rigorous security is one of the value propositions such providers make, so executing a constantly updated and beefed-up security strategy is definitely in the best interests of any company who wants to stay in business.

If you haven’t already put any of the above to the test and you’re interested in seeing the benefits of legal technology for yourself, schedule your demo today. No matter what application you’re searching for, whether it’s administrative or case-related, Abacus has the solution.

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