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This year we raised the cost of our annual subscription to ourtime billing software, Practice Management 2011. While about 90% of customers renew year by year we always field a few calls and emails from customers concerned over the current costs. These conversations usually start out the same. “The cost is too high for us.” I continue to listen to comments like, “it used to be less” and “this year’s increase is way too high.” After listening I usually respond by asking a question. “Are you fully using our Practice Management software?” The answer is always the same. “No.” I go on to explain thatour software was designed to transform firmsand in many cases allow a reduction in staff and an increase in productivity, thus, saving firms thousands of dollars annually. This cannot be done by using our software simply for a calendar or time sheet. You can buy a calendar program or time billing program anywhere but they won’t bring any new value to your firm.
The real value is in our comprehensive approach to solving the problems of excessive administration and resources it takes to track information in your firm. When these problems are solved, the costs seem insignificant. Every year we hear from customers that agree. Many of them are on our website and can be contacted through ourusers group on LinkedIn. With our annual fees running under a thousand dollars for a five user firm and around fourteen hundred for a ten user firm, the savings incurred is usually many, many times the cost.That’s real value!
The solution to lowering software fees lays in correct implementation. Our software currently has over 10,000 combined features. You cannot just buy it off the shelf and instantly start using without an implementation plan and training support. We begin every sale with a comment like this. Our application replaces 3-4 applications in your office and to setup and implement that many parts of your firm will take careful planning and resources. Many firms get a good start but lack the resources and follow through to finish full implementation. We offertraining, resources and auser’s conferenceto help firms finish the task. While our software is far more comprehensive than any other product on the market and simply easier to use it stilltakes measured effort to implementit.
If it were just a calendar or time sheet you could just buy it and use it. However, this will not transform your firm nor save you any money. Combining work flow,time tracking, document management, due date monitoring, staffing and calendars, note taking, phone call and email management and firm billing into one arena,will save you money. With the correct approach the return on investment is seen within a few months and the continued annual savings begins.
The real value in our software is in how much it saves you if fully implemented. The cost is something you will never consider or think about again if the software transforms you firm.
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