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What is a HotDocs Document Generation Process App?


A HotDocs document-generation process app (sometimes referred to as atemplate) is a software program that facilitates the generation of transactional, legal documents and forms, such as contracts, wills, trusts, insurance forms, etc. HotDocs apps not only provide a significant decrease in the time and expense of generating transactional documents, but these apps also ensure that documents are generated with a high degree of accuracy. Based on business logic that you build into a process application, the app can control the inclusion of optional clauses, case sensitive pronouns, and correct verbs. Advanced HotDocs apps may automatically calculate complex date and numeric values for insertion into a document, as well as automatically assemble repeating elements in a document.

In use, a HotDocs app presents a user with a series of interactive, data-gathering forms, collectively called aninterview. Individual questions in an interview can be simple fields (for gathering names, dates, dollar amounts, etc.), multiple choice questions, drop-down pick lists, etc. Individual questions can have validation rules attached, ensuring that answers to questions fall within existing policies and guidelines. Likewise, help resources can be provided for individual questions to assist app users to answer the questions correctly. Existing enterprise data records can be mapped into an interview, eliminating the need to key in existing, on-hand data.

You build a HotDocs app usingHotDocs Developer, a powerful process modeling tool that allows you to transform your existing word processor documents and PDF forms into HotDocs apps.

HotDocs apps can be deployed in any environment (desktop, on-premise server, or cloud) on any type of desktop or mobile device. A variety of off-the shelf run-time applications are available for each environment, or HotDocs apps can be integrated into virtually any type of BPMS, ECMS, case management system, or GRC system.

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