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What is HotDocs Document Services?


HotDocs Document Services is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that allows you to create documents using your HotDocs templates in the cloud. In other words, it’s like an online version ofHotDocs User, with a few exciting bonus features.

Document Services is a great solution for organizations that want to take advantage of many of the benefits ofHotDocs Serverbut don’t have the technical manpower, IT infrastructure, and/or budget to support it. Unlike Server, which is completely controlled by and private to each organization using it, Document Services runs in the HotDocs cloud. But don’t worry—your data is still secure.

To subscribe to Document Services, you need at least one license toHotDocs Developer. Anyone with a Developer license can create and edit templates; however, once the templates are uploaded, users do not need to have Developer – or any other software, for that matter—installed on their computers to use those templates in the cloud.

After creating templates with Developer 10.2, you can easily upload those templates to your personal online Document Services portal. You can then email or post links on your website to your Document Services site, enabling your clients or potential clients to access and complete their own interviews and answer files, assemble templates, and generate finished documents for your review. We call this awesome feature “client interviews.” It really is that simple to use HotDocs in the cloud!

Document Services is a subscription-based product starting at $99 per month for up to 5 users. For more information, view ourDocument Services FAQ page.

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