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What is HotDocs Server?


HotDocs Serveris enterprise-class software that enables large organizations to create documents from HotDocs templateson their own private server. UnlikeHotDocs User, which, on its own, only allows document creation on the desktop,Serverenables you to store templates and create documents online.

In order to useHotDocs Server, you will need to purchase enoughHotDocs Developerand/orHotDocs Userlicenses to cover everyone in your organization who needs access to your templates. Templates must be created on the desktop inHotDocs Developer, but the templates can be stored on your server, and anyone with aDeveloperorUserlicense can use them to create documents in their web browser.

HotDocs Servermust be used along with a web application or host. To fill this requirement,HotDocs Workspace,HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint, andHotDocs Template Portalcome along with yourServerlicense at no additional charge. Alternatively, you can have HotDocs consultants assist you with integratingServerinto your existing intranet application or build a new host application to your exact specifications.

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