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What is HotDocs User?


Depending on the size of your organization, you may have just a handful ofcontent expertswho create templates withHotDocs Developer, but in addition, you may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other users who need to create documents from those templates. That’s whereHotDocs Usercomes into play.

HotDocs Userlets you create error-free documents from HotDocs templateson your desktop. However,Userlicenses do not allow any construction or editing of templates, enabling you to keep a tight leash on their precise content and functionality.

For example, your in-house content expert could draft a template and then send it to a secretary or intern to fill out interviews inHotDocs User and subsequently generate documents. The person creating the documents would not be able to edit the template in any way, so you don’t have to worry about any documents being generated incorrectly in the future because of a template that was tampered with.

While they cannot edit templates, those withUserlicenses do have the ability to edit documents in the word processor after the assembly process (unless the templatecreator chooses to disable this option), and they can also save them, email them, print them, or import them into a document management system.

Licenses toHotDocs Usercost only $330 each (compared toDeveloperat $800), so it is a cost-effective and useful solution for deploying your HotDocs templates throughout your office.

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