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Why HotDocs and K2 go hand in hand


Business Process Management (BPM) and document assembly have a lot in common. For a start, they are both concerned with using technology to automate frequently used processes within an organisation, such as on boarding an employee or issuing a new sales contract. Additionally, the ultimate aim of deploying a BPM or document assembly system is to increase success and profit by creating efficiency, reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

While BPM ticks the boxes for turning almost any business process into an automated workflow that improves efficiency and increases productivity, many document-centric enterprises, such as banks, insurance companies, law firms and government agencies also require effective output of business-critical documentation as part of these workflows. This is where the industrial strength of HotDocs comes into play.

K2, a high-growth player in the BPM market that is used to build and run any kind of business application, and HotDocs, the leading provider of document assembly software, have recently launched the HotDocs Service Broker for K2 – a productised and freely available integration that places HotDocs seamlessly within K2 workflows wherever the generation of documents is required.

There are multiple benefits to utilising the HotDocs Service Broker for K2; the principle one being that complex document assembly can be brought directly into the K2 process, offering one complete, off-the-shelf solution for BPM workflow and document assembly. The unified integration means that there is one source of truth for all data, eliminating duplicate data entry to ensure that risk from human error is minimised, or eradicated, and efficiency is optimised.

HotDocs is inserted into K2 workflows via a flexible drag-and-drop process designer, meaning that you don’t have to leave the K2 environment to add powerful document assembly to your business process. If you are already a HotDocs user, you can utilise your existing content as part of K2 workflow.

The HotDocs Service Broker for K2 also allows for connectivity with multiple systems, meaning that if you would like HotDocs to speak to your CRM or financial management system, for example, this is easily available via the HotDocs and K2 integration.

There are countless workflows with required document output that would benefit from the use of HotDocs software. Some examples include client on-boarding, case management, contract approval, loan generation, claims processing, commercial leasing, employee on-boarding or property management.

In essence, the technology partnership between K2 and HotDocs provides the power of two market leading technologies combined and provides end users with immediate ROI for operational efficiency, risk reduction and compliance.

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