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Why Systems Integrators (SIs) are embracing document automation


More and more, HotDocs is entering into partner relationships with systems integrators, both large and small. Why? Well, aside from the fact that HotDocs is a global leader in document automation software, customer demand is the key factor.

Consistently, we find that prospective customers are struggling with the creation of complex and business-critical documentation and this is driving them to seek out a solution that can mitigate risk, provide control and speed up the process of document production. This struggle spans standalone document creation through to the generation of documents and forms as part of a wider business process tool – which is where systems integrators come in.

For many years, the HotDocs consultancy team has been providing clients with integration services. From law firms that need HotDocs to work with their document or practice management system through to global banks that require HotDocs to integrate with PEGA or another workflow tool, the technical team at HotDocs is well versed in linking our technology up with various other business process systems to provide the bespoke solution required.

Systems integrators offer this same kind of consultancy for multiple clients to provide systems that fit with their customers’ individual needs. In the areas of Business Process Management (BPM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) a range of technologies can be applied to create efficiency, reduce cost and time, enhance compliance and minimise risk. These technologies cover various product groups such as document, customer relationship, content and workflow management software. Each of these may or may not have limited document generation capability; if they do, it’s often a basic function that can’t quite handle the automated production of complex documentation.

Enter HotDocs. Created more than twenty years ago specifically as a document assembly tool, HotDocs can easily integrate with almost any other software application to provide market-leading document automation as a central part of business management technologies. To meet the sophisticated needs of their clients, SIs are leveraging the power of HotDocs and integrating it with a range of other technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, HP Autonomy iManage, K2, Salesforce and numerous other applications.

Worldwide, large corporations – as well as smaller enterprises – are feeling the same pain about the risk, cost and time associated with the production of necessary documentation. On a daily basis, companies produce tens, hundreds or thousands of documents and forms that are critical to successful operations and the bottom line. Examples include sales contracts that are managed and produced from inside the CRM system, loan agreements that are automated as part of a commercial lending platform, legal documents that can be created and stored as part of document management or workflow technology, employment contracts that are generated and filed within HR software and so the list goes on – and on.

Demand for an effective document generation solution that works seamlessly alongside other business management systems is rising fast as companies strive to achieve more with less and many systems integrators are experiencing this market pull. With more than twenty years of development that incorporates both technological advances and client feedback, HotDocs has a proven history of aiding risk mitigation and compliance, as well as facilitating cost and time efficiencies. HotDocs is available on premise, desktop or in the cloud, providing the flexibility to integrate with any other application, regardless of platform, making it the solution of choice for many SIs.

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