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Amicus Attorney 2016 Released!

December 13, 2016  |  Amicus Attorney

Gavel & Gown Software Inc., the leading developer of practice management software for lawyers, announced today the launch of Amicus Attorney Premium 2016.

TORONTO, ON, January 4, 2016 – One of the most widely used programs in the legal community, Amicus Premium 2016 contains a multitude of new features and advances that will further improve performance and profitability for legal professionals.

With a focus on simplicity and security, Premium 2016 offers an extensive set of practice management tools that help lawyers take control of their practice.

“In an environment of constant change, legal professionals need a way to keep pace with ever evolving demands. Amicus Attorney empowers lawyers to do just that,” said Ron Collins, president of Gavel & Gown Software Inc. “Through an understanding of the business of practicing law, we have and will continue to lead the way into the future. We take pride in knowing that Amicus Attorney has earned and kept its position as the industry leader for over 20 years.”

Premium 2016 has a host of great new features that customers have been asking for. Users will benefit from expanded document management whose power is significantly greater thanks to being integrated with their practice management solution, as opposed to stand-alone tools. Version control and document previews are just some of its new features. The ultra-secure Amicus Client Portal now offers more extensive means for client collaboration, with unlimited custom fields allowing easy matter opening, data collection and sharing of any information that is appropriate to the client’s case. The billing component of Amicus Premium also received a number of enhancements refining its capabilities and further streamlining billing process making them effortless and highly intuitive. There are many more features as well.

Amicus Premium 2016 is available immediately through Gavel & Gown Software and their extensive sales channel. More information on Amicus Premium 2016 is available at


About Gavel & Gown Software Inc.
Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Toronto, Gavel & Gown Software Inc. makes tens of thousands of law firms more productive and profitable, while providing lawyers with greater peace of mind.

Amicus Attorney law practice management software has won more than 30 prominent industry awards, has been endorsed by major law societies, and has been recognized by independent surveys as the most widely used law practice management software in the USA.

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