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Defend Your Drake Data from Cybercrime with Abacus Private Cloud

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Defend Your Drake Data from Cybercrime with Abacus Private Cloud

As cybersecurity vulnerabilities continue to plague the legal, accounting and business worlds, black hat hackers are increasingly tipping their hats towards businesses and firms that are naïve about data security. One of the biggest mistakes companies can make, however, is storing their clients’ sensitive financial data on consumer computers and servers. With ransomware attacks up 300% from 2015, this approach will put your data at serious risk.

Using Abacus Private Cloud can help resolve this severe security issue. Our virtual cloud hosting platform operates as an encrypted, cloud-based computer to not only install and run your Drake tax software, but also to securely store your Drake data—all of which you can access anywhere and any time across all devices. And unlike your average consumer computer, all Private Cloud accounts are safeguarded by 256-bit AES encryption and stored across our international network of SSL-A rated data centers. This means you can take full advantage of Drake’s tax preparation and planning features in a secure environment, while also giving you the opportunity to install useful add-ons to boost your software’s capabilities.

In addition, all Private Cloud accounts can be customized to meet your industry’s specific compliance standards, whether it be mainstream standards such as HIPAA and PCI DSS or more industry-specific standards such as GLBA and SOX for financial companies to others such as FITARA and ITAR. Our accounts are also audited using SSAE-16 SOC reporting standards. All accounts and software are also monitored and updated by our experienced team of Drake software hosting support specialists, who can provide around-the-clock support to help with your hosting needs.

Contact our Drake cloud hosting team today to see how Abacus Private Cloud can secure your Drake tax software and data.

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