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How to Offer Virtual CFO Services Using Cloud-Based Accounting Practice Management Software
April 6, 2021

If your clients have the tools available to comfortably enter financial transactions, run reports, and even prepare their business taxes, how do you grow your firm?..

How Your Accounting Firm Can Boost Efficiency in 2021
April 4, 2021

We’ve all heard the events of 2020 described as “unprecedented” more times than we can count, but we know accountants and tax preparers are masters at guiding clients through the unknown...

Optimizing Accounting Workflow Automation is the Key to Boosting Productivity After Tax Season
April 4, 2021

Our profession was on the brink of major transformation before the events of 2020 accelerated accounting workflow trends already in motion...

Addressing Accounting Cybersecurity Challenges in 2021
April 3, 2021

Cybersecurity has become a necessary practice for businesses across industries, especially the accounting industry...

The Impact of Technology on Professional Services & How to Prioritize Going Digital
January 7, 2021

Do you manage a professional services firm?..

The Purpose-built Cloud Strategy: Focused on Firms and Clients
December 14, 2020

For professional services firms, choosing a technology partner is a big choice...

Remote collaboration with clients just got easier in OfficeTools Cloud
May 20, 2020

The latest release of OfficeTools Cloud includes a feature accountants are sure to love: a virtual client portal that lets firms share work—including documents, tasks, appointments, and invoices—directly with their clients...

5 Reasons to move to APX automated payments
March 23, 2020

As consumers we buy online, bank online, grab an Uber, and transfer our share of the dinner bill to our friend’s account, using Venmo, Apple Pay, or another digital payment app...

How to Stay Productive, Healthy, and Happy While Working from Home During COVID-19
March 18, 2020

Remote work has been a growing trend for years, and plenty of today’s workers are used to completing their to-do list from a laptop or home office...

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