Today’s technology has created new ways for people to discover your firm, but it’s also made it easier for them to find your competition. How does your firm stand out from the rest? What differentiators do prospects clue into that turn them into clients? You have to take every advantage you can get. In this day and age, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a no-brainer for any modern firm.

If you haven’t yet invested in a reliable CRM program, now’s the time to do so. If you have, reexamine how you use your current one and make sure you’re maximizing its capabilities. Tailoring your CRM program to your processes will help your firm streamline workflows, improve communication, and enhance client services. With access to all prospect, client, and vendor information, you and your employees will know how to respond quickly and appropriately to client requests. Not to mention, a CRM manages your client data in one central location, storing every stage of client interaction and helping your employees cultivate strong client relationships. Here are five ways using a CRM system will give you a competitive advantage:

  1. A CRM helps maximize your business development efforts. The right CRM will streamline your workflow and record every detail of the prospecting process, giving your partners leverage to convert inquiries into engagements and revenue. Putting real-time interactions and data at their fingertips will help make client calls efficient, while new features – such as elements that create virtual communities – help engage prospects and enhance the client relationship. The latest artificial intelligence capabilities in CRMs can even tell you the best way to contact a client in the next step (over email, virtually or in person).
  2. Boost client service. With a CRM system in place, you’ll have the chance to exceed your clients’ expectations; everyone will know what you’ve promised, what they’ve ordered, which projects are underway, and which events are on the calendar. Any department that takes a call from a prospect will know the exact status of that account because the CRM will be the client data center of your firm, giving the right people access to every client interaction.
  3. Streamline and automate your processes. CRMs help improve customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent service and preventing tasks from falling through the cracks. Some of the newest tech in CRMs includes machine learning, which can provide product recommendations and increase your firm’s productivity. A proper CRM will eliminate errors and automate your business processes, allowing you to deliver results consistently. In ResultsCRM, for example, you can create a library of customized process templates that automatically assign tasks to the right person at the right time.
  4. Create a centralized hub of information. Sophisticated CRM products, like ResultsCRM, go beyond contact management to help you manage your whole firm. They unite your sales, service, billing and finance departments and allow for integrations with QuickBooks, Outlook, Constant Contact, and Excel. When your employees start using the CRM for everything related to client data, it will significantly reduce double entries.
  5. Provide service anytime, anywhere. In today’s world, clients expect quick responses. Whether you’re working from home, in the office, or on the road, your CRM software should provide access to the real-time company information you need to be productive. For mobility, many CRM companies are starting to integrate client chat features with voice, text, and video multimedia integrations. Additionally, developing language processing technologies will make it easy to update records, record meeting minutes, and more.

In the digital era, leveraging from technology is one of the best ways to stay competitive. If one or more of your 2019 initiatives revolves around working more efficiently, a reliable CRM product, like ResultsCRM, is the way to go. A good fit will help you land clients and enhance existing relationships, safeguarding the information you need to build and maintain your client base.