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Hi everyone. My name is Ryan and I’m going to walk us through what Results looks like in the Abacus Private Cloud.

Okay. So here's a little snapshot of what the AbacusNext and everything that we're doing for everything. Here you are. So Abacus was founded in 1983 when we were just a software for attorney's and law firms. About six to seven years ago, we decided to put our hand in the hat for private cloud solutions. Since then, we've put together data centers all over the world including Canada and the U.K. with a few more coming here in the U.S.

And we have our offices headquartered here in San Diego, but offices all over the world including Scotland. We've actually grown more than ... grown past that 450 plus employee mark. We're actually more around 475. And that client mark of 500,000 has actually grown to about 1.5 hundred thousand since we've kind of teamed up and acquired company called HotDocs.

Here's a snapshot of where our data centers are currently located and a couple of the ones that are going to be actually up and running here anytime soon. And then here's our Canadian data centers listed up here. As well as we have the United Kingdom data centers for people across the pond. The Abacus Private Cloud helps you meet all these different kind of compliance's that you would be asked about. So as we are have our data centers in Canada and all your information would never leave the Canadian country, we are actually PIPEDA certified as well as HIPAA certified for our American customers here.

Here is a little information about the data centers that we have partnered with. It's actually called the Switch Data Centers. They're all going to be tier four and tier five data centers. I know that doesn't really mean a lot to you, but what that means is the amount of redundancies and securities in place for all of the servers and everything in the data center to ensure that one, your up time is guaranteed an industry high of five nine. We have infrastructure of the tier five data center here in Las Vegas actually has back-ups on back-ups.

What that means is it has two power grids that it's actually connected to as well as 96 hours of power outage protection, but the beautiful thing about it is it's actually ran on all renewable energy. So solar, wind turbine. It actually is ran on that. You can see that it's going to be monitored, your environment 24 hours a day by not only the Abacus team, but the team at Switch. And then here's a little snapshot of kind of a man trap in there, kind of very mission impossible like to even try to get into these data centers where you can see all the different racks and all the servers located here.

Here's a quick snapshot as we ... a little iconograph of what the Abacus Private Cloud looks like as far as the infrastructure. So you can really use any device from anywhere that is web enabled to connect to your private cloud and access all your tools as well as applications and data. So you can imagine yourself in Hawaii and unfortunately someone calls you from work needing something that's on your desktop in your Abacus Private Cloud. You can bring your Mai Tai from the pool into the business center of the Four Seasons, log into your Abacus Private Cloud with a 256 byte encrypted tunnel into the data centers that are located here in the United States, and actually get access to your virtual desktop with all your applications, your documents, and be able to send them over whatever document they needed and get back to your time in the cabana there.

So all of your information is not only accessible from any web enabled device. We also take care of all the back-ups for you. So all those different data centers that you saw located on that map earlier, you'll have your one data center that your main server is located. And then nightly, we actually send a full copy of your entire environment to an off-site location in case there was any major disaster to one of our data centers. We could actually have you turned up and going without losing any information.

So the back-ups go through a few of our different data centers. If you're in the United States, you cannot worry about your data leaving the United States. We keep up all of our customers who are on ... excuse me, in the United States, in the data centers out of the United States as well as the Canadian customers and the U.K. customers. They stay all in their own country. A huge difference between the Abacus Private Cloud and other cloud providers is it's actually segments it off from all of our other users.

So your server and your resources that we've built out for you are dedicated to you and your users. The only time we would grant access is if you have an issue or you need us to do some installation of an of your software. Some of the other things that we'd be able to care of you for is those database services. I know you have gotten those pesky Windows updates seemingly every day. You don't have to worry about missing any security patches, anything like that as that's something that we're going to be taking care of you.

And we already touched on that back up services and the document services there for you. We do partner to provide all the cyber security for you. So all of our servers are going to have the antivirus and malware located in the environment. And then in front of your server, we have an enterprise level UTM firewall to block anything that's coming in through the internet connection. Touching on some of that security that I just mentioned there, this is what it looks like when you actually connect to your Abacus Private Cloud through the remote desktop protocol.

We run all these detection and protection protocols before even granting access as well as some conditional accesses. So if you don't have anyone working from Russian or North Korea or China, we can actually block complete country IP codes as those are aware of kind of hubs of where a lot of the malicious activity is coming from. So if we want to block those people completely, and then if you wanted to or you were doing business there in China, we can easily white list it so you won't lose any access for you or your employees.

If one of these things gets triggered as something that looks fishy, something that shouldn't be the way it is, you'll actually get blocked, so they will not get any access. But once you do actually get the access, you'll actually be pulled in and you'll have access to all of your tools and all your documents. We also have something called multi fact identification. What that's going to be is I'm sure you're familiar with logging into your bank account from another location or un-trusted computer.

They usually shoot you a text message with a little pin code. What we have is just a little app that would be on your phone that you say, "I am logging into the Private Cloud from an un-trusted network." You click accept and then you're logged in and you have all the protection of the 256 byte encrypted tunnel that we talked about as well as your encryption in transit is going to be TLS or transit layer socket 1.2 encryption. I'm not sure if any of you have experienced or heard of Ransomware, but it's definitely becoming an epidemic out there in the cyber security threat environment.

Currently over 50% of small businesses have been affected. Small, medium, and large businesses have been affected by something along the lines of Ransomware. Basically what it is, is someone clicks on a link they're not supposed to, cute cat videos, something like that from maybe an email that looks like it's from your organization. What that email or that link would trigger is it's going to start encrypting each and every one of your files, not only on your computer, but anything that's actually connected to your network.

So within 60 to 90 seconds, your entire network can be encrypted and no one would have access to those files. These hackers who use Ransomware are known as somewhat of a good hacker because they just would request payment in bitcoin of anywhere from $200 to $10,000. And what they would do then is they would return that key so you can start un-encrypting each of those files. What they don't tell you is you're going to have to un-encrypt each one of those files one by one.

It's not just a master key to unlock all of them at once. Here at Abacus we've actually experienced one of our clients who accidentally clicked on one of those links they weren't supposed to. First thing they did is freak out. Second thing they did is call us. And because of all those back-ups that we do nightly as well as with snapshots that we take daily with our partner Veeam, we were able to get them up and running within 23 minutes without losing any information or any, not a lot of time as well. And they did not have to pay the ransom, which is key in that process.

So here's kind of what the Abacus Private Cloud or what we can take care of here for you at AbacusNext. All the different services. So there's something called infrastructure as a service. That's going to be your servers, your network, and if you're using something to do back-ups currently, that ... we have platform meta service. That's going to be your operating system and your database back-ups. And then here with the Abacus Private Cloud, we'd actually be able to take care of all those things for you.

So we like to call this technology as a service because we're taking care of ... sorry. I forgot about these last little ones. We're taking care of all these different vendors that you would be having to maybe have a different bill for. We're taking care of all that. What we like to say, "When things are going great, one hand to shake. When things are going bad, one throat to choke." So that's one phone call for you to make for us to take care of any error messages that you may have with any of the software we provide as well as Intuit QuickBooks, Office 365, we have those engineers on staff.

And then we actually do the ... we can take care of any updates or back-ups of your other information as well. So here's just a quick snapshot of some of the private cloud benefits and on the side here we have some of the differences between public cloud. One thing that I can really stress is in a public cloud, you're going to have all your information with you and a million of your best friends. I've called some of our vendors or some of our competition, actually ask them, "Hey. Where are your data centers located?" They told me, "It is confidential. What I can tell you is it's in a fire proof bunker that's underground."

And that didn't give me a lot of trust in that where I can't point to my information, nor did they mention anything about back-ups or being within the continental United States. So with the Abacus Private Cloud, you can rest assured to know all your information stays in your home country as well as we'll be taking care of all of those IP third party IT needs that you might be paying out to, and it's a scalable environment that can meet your growth needs. So adding users even if they're temporary is something that we can do for you and it gives you the opportunity to not have to purchase an environment that is just overblown for your needs.

We can add those resources as needed. Plus each and every one of your people will be working on a universal platform. So sharing and collaborating is extremely easy in the private cloud. So that's my last slide here. I just wanted to say thank you. This is our bull our 2018 is AbacusNext, take it by the horn. So this is just a little bull that we have here for you. You can kind of read some of the compliancy, cyber threats, malware those are some things that we can take care of for you.


So if no one had any questions, I did have a few here listed. Just to make sure that we have something to think about when we take this or watch this at another point in time. So one thing that we are able to help you is take care of a server that is aging or getting close to dying. If your server's about three to five years, that's about the time where you want to start deciding if you're going to go out and purchase a $12,000 server or if you want to off load that expense as well as taking care of all of your IT things to AbacusNext and Abacus Private Cloud so that we can let you focus on your task at hand, which is growing your business.

One other thing is what are you currently doing for back-ups? Do you know where those back-ups are located? If not, I would suggest calling your provider who's doing those back-ups and figuring that out. And then we have just a few other questions in regards to IT. One of the huge benefits here is if you have an error message with let's say Outlook. I'm not sure if you've ever even tried to call Microsoft and get someone on the phone, but you better have a long Netflix special that you're trying to catch up on or a great book 'cause it's going to take a really long time to get someone live on the phone to assist you with that.

Because AbacusNext has engineers trained with Microsoft as they are one of our biggest partners, we are able to take care of not only our software, but the Microsoft Office platform software as well. And then one of the biggest things and one thing people don't think about until it's too late, is what is your disaster recovery plan? Here at Abacus in the private cloud, we can lay that out for you so that you don't have to worry about if something happens to your office like a flood or I've literally had someone call me because their office got struck by lightning and it fried each and every one of their computers as well as all of their other electronics.

And said, "Hey. I need to get up in Abacus Private Cloud as soon as possible. What can we do for you?" So that's our slideshow here. I'm just going to pop into the actual private cloud here. I actually did this demonstration here from the Abacus Private Cloud the entire time. As you can see, it's going to be a Windows 10 environment. You can put whatever desktop pictures here. You can have a picture of your dogs or your kids, not in that order necessarily. We can install any application that's going to be ... that would work on a Windows server on the Abacus Private Cloud.

So it's software agnostic. I have my Office 365 here. Outlook, the whole thing. If you need access webpages, it's going to act just as if this was a computer at your desk, but you'll be able to access it from anywhere. I have my results here. We have our newest version of results that have just come out, 17 four. So you can really kind of see the new look and design of the results. And one thing that we do with all of the software that is under the AbacusNext umbrella is optimize them so run in the Abacus Private Cloud so that they start working lightning fast for you.

So we can look at some of these new dashboards here in 17 four. It's going to give you kind of a graphical representation of things that are pertinent towards your job necessarily. Those things are usually able to move around. If we come in here to our contacts, we actually have some new screens here. So when you come into our Citco Construction. My favorite client. You can see we have a completely different layout here that you can customize on a user level to know exactly what's important for your job.

So if I work solely out of notes, I want to digest my information and have this as one of my most important tabs. But if Susan down the way is actually focused on web and email or any of our other boards here, she can actually create and pull in, let's say, the finance tab or payments. And she can move this to make it a card up top so that it will be ... excuse me. Sorry. She can make the finances the card here up top so that this information is important to her. And it saves on the user level.

So the sales person is going to have a different view than the accounting person and vice versa. So those are some of the new features here of our Abacus ... or excuse me, the results 17 four. I do want to say thank you for everyone joining us today. And then I look forward to speaking with you soon and showing you the new results as well as other things that the Abacus Private Cloud can do for you.

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